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The S.S. Ourang Medan

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

A Ghost Ship!Oh it was a frightful sight for those first few men who braved the deck of the deserted Ourang Medan. It floated there so quietly among the waves with not one steward of the vessel to be seen. A curious inspection of the ghost ship began and when finally her crew was found it brought a brave man’s heart to stand still for but a moment. Not even the bravest among those first investigators would ever truly get the chill of that first sight from their memories. It was enough to make a man’s heart run cold.

It was a February in 1948 and the S.S. Ourang Medan was sailing Indonesian waters. Only hours earlier before the ship was sought out, several ships had heard the distress signals being sent from the radio operator. Morse Code was quickly tapping out the gruesome message that the ship’s crew was dead. And then the final rat-a-tat-tat proclaiming “I die” from the radio operator himself… then silence. The City of Baltimore and the Silver Star, both American vessels moving through the Strait of Malacca, were the first to come to the silent Ourang Medan.

Inside the ghost ship were the frozen bodies of its crew all locked in a last pose of terror. Each man’s face was a mask of agony with his hands reaching out towards the sun. There were no marks of injury or molestation on any of the crew men. Even the dog that traveled with them succumbed to this ugly death. The investigating men quickly moved from the ship to get the horror out of their heads and only a few minutes later there was an explosion from the ship. The vessel cried out in moans that were stolen from her crew and slowly sank beneath the sea to forever be lost. The Ourang Medan and her crew left the world with no answers as to what happened…

I felt that this Tuesday would be the perfect day to start out with a little moodiness in the form of a watery ghost story. The tale of the ill fated S.S. Ourang Medan has never been authenticated. No one’s ever been able to find any record of the ship or the alleged shipwreck. The only name mentioned in this story that has been verified is the Silver Star. But honestly, facts are just adornments a good watery ghost story can take or leave. It’s the mystery that intrigues our easy to scare minds. You can find out a bit more about this story on many of the Unexplained sort of sites. I recommend Mysterious Universe’s version.