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Oh I love this…

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Harold Lloyd

You go on with your bad self Harold…

“Harold’s reaction to his ruined suit – “Speedy” (1928) | Pretty shocking, considering this is 1928 and Harold Lloyd’s always being such a gentleman, but it’s in the film, so I felt I had to include it. This is very atypical of Harold and his films, and I’ve not been able to find out any information on it in any of my many Lloyd books. As far as I know, this is the very first celluloid record of anyone making this particular gesture in a popular movie……somehow it got by the censors.” From F’k Yeah, Harold Lloyd! Blog

Emilie Autumn

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn

I can’t fathom the idea that someone out there doesn’t know the wonder that is Emilie Autumn! So today, a brief lesson: A very brief one actually because I’m not very good with the biography type wordy words.

She makes mad and lovely noises with the violin, the harpsichord, the piano, the viola, and her own voice. To see one of her performances you’ll be greeted by the weaving threads of cabaret, classic theater and burlesque as she’s joined by her back-up dancers The Bloody Crumpets. Her style is peppered with the influence of the Victorian era but there is nothing polite or refined about her sound or performance. A few people liken her music to Victorian Industrial and I have to say I like that description a great deal. Above is a photographic sampling of the style of Miss Autumn. A wardrobe to envy and bonk heads over! Visit for a tour of the ratty lady’s works.